Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Groovy 1.0 is here!

16 hours ago Groovy 1.0 was released. The work of 3,5 years. So many discussions, so many code was produced, removed and reworked.

In my eyes this is not the final version of Groovy, nor is it perfect. But it is important to give a stable version to the world out there. I hope many people will like that Groovy. But that doesn't mean Groovy wouldn't evolve anymore. There are many ideas we can try out now since we do not any longer have to focus on the release. In the release notes you will find not much this time, we fixed a number of bugs, but these are more like minor adjustments. But Groovy In Action and do show increasing interest.

The next months will be spent to improve the documentation and to really start the JSR process. Then Groovy will be really like a standard and get a good documentation.

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