Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trying out Git

My current work requires a lot of changes and experiments so I thought it might be good to try out git with the subversion back end.

So the first step is to make a local repository and then get the current svn repository... uhm, yes, the complete repository. Well ok, I am chekcing out only for trunk here, but that is the branch with the most traffic. NOw trunk is atm around revision 19250. A lot of those are not relevant for trunk, since it is about making branches or the test system making commits. But even if a third of those are normal revisions, we still talk about over 6000 revision. Revision git will all have to download.

Now after 45 Minutes I am at about revision 2350... 17000 to go... ehm... this will take hours it seems.

Ok, you have to do that part only once, but still... This I take as a minus for git vs. svn


Hamlet D'Arcy said...

If you have someone sitting next to you coaching you through the git experience then you end up loving it. If not, it can be very frustrating indeed.

Russel Winder said...

The problem here is GIt cloning a Subversion repository, this is slow -- even Bazaar cloning a Subversion repository is slow.

If Groovy made the switch to Git from Subversion there wouldn't be this problem.