Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Next steps with git...

So after doing a checkout of the repository using git-svn for over two hours I started looking for an eclipse plugin for git.

What I found was EGit, which installed fine... but... well none of the git options appeared. Neither can I import from a git repository nor can I use git commands on the ready project. I tried to install about 5 times and failed 5 times. Maybe it is an error with the plugin, or something with eclipse is making a problem - I really don't know. The error log is clean.

So for me the one and only existing Git plugin for eclipse I found is unusable for me atm.... Next minus for git.

In fact I am now wondering about how to use something equal to for example RapidSVN. A diff tool, that allows me to remove different changes is very important to me - doing that only on the command line is not very effective.

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matt said...

Yea I had the same problem, it's because the git checkout/import project wizard assumes the projects its checking out have .project files..

Its a bit useless really. I also tried tortoise svn, but couldn't seem to check out the grails project. I just get the feeling git isn't very friendly for windoze users in that respect ;(