Saturday, March 19, 2011

Conferences I am going to this year

I decided I could at least my update my blog with the conferences I am planing to attend this year.

So first is JAX 2011 May 2 till May 6 2011 in Mainz. The JAX is a pretty big German conference about Java and other things, including Groovy. I will speak on May 3 11:45.

Following tightly is GR8Conf Europe 2011 May 18 to May 19 2011 in Copenhagen. This conference is surely not as big as the JAX, but in exchange it is about all the great (gr+8) technologies around Groovy. I am especially looking forward to the Hackergarten there again. I will speak there on May 19 12:10. My third time for this conference.

Next and last that I am planing to attend is the JVM Language Summit. Well, at the moment the link still leads to the 2010 page, a final date is not up yet. I strongly hope there will be another one and that I can visit it the third... or was it forth? time. This conference was for me as language implementer on the JVM always extremely interesting. Also being able to bug the different JVM engineers about the dark corners of the JVM is just plain fun.

Besides that I did not yet plan anything more, but who knows ;)

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Unknown said...

So you won't attend JavaOne in Moscow, Russia at April 12-13? It's a pity - no chance to meet yet ;)