Monday, November 15, 2010

git again

For a while now I am using git locally and I am starting to like it a little. Coming from CVS and SVN many things just behave not right and it takes quite some time to make the transition to the new system. Along the way I found some very helpful pointers, that I want to mention here too. There is giving a good overview of how to use git and SVN together. But the most helpful had been the documentation at There I discovered for example the rebase command, allowing me to reorder, split and edit my local changes. This truly helps keeps you to commit often and always having a backup of your work. With SVN I often did not commit, since my code would break trunk. For some time I had a local SVN repository that I used to save my changes. But the reediting capabilities in git are so much better.

The next step for me would probably be to put my git repository on Now the question is of course how to do that? How to have a git personal git repository on github, that I can use to commit to Groovy trunk (SVN) and that I can use for my local work. Can I have like two remote branches? I guess for this I will have to look around more.

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Andrey Paramonov said...

You can have as many remote branches as you want - Git is very flexible.